Scudieni's is a restaurant in Fuller House.


Five Dates with Kimmy Gibbler

Kimmy set's up a few dates at Scudieni's. Kimmy's first date is Corey, an influencer. Kimmy is a little nervous because she hasn't dated in a while. Her second date is Milton, an older gentleman who had his obituary printed prematurely. Kimmy's third date is Andrew Carter. He claims to be a financial planner with a condo near the beach. Kimmy describes herself as a party planner who lives in the attic of a house full of people she's not actually related to. Andrew thinks Kimmy is delightful. Kimmy can't believe no one has snatched him up yet. Two FBI agents come into the restaurant and arrest Andrew for securities fraud and racketeering. As the FBI frogmarch him out of Scudieni's, Andrew turns and asks Kimmy to wait for him, he'll be out in eight to ten.

As Kimmy is about to leave Scudieni's she literately bumps into Kirk Cameron. When Kimmy tells him she has his poster on her wall, he begins posing. Kirk just finished a horrible date while Kimmy just finished three. Kirk asks if Kimmy would like to take a chance on a fourth. He'd love to buy her a non-alcoholic beverage. Kirk thinks maybe it's fate that they're both available. Technically Kimmy is still trying to figure out if she is available. Kirk romantically mentions if she were his girlfriend there wouldn't be any question. Kimmy pinches him on the arm to make sure he's real. He declares he is real and so is his Ferrari and his back-up Ferrari. He asks if she'd like to take a ride up the coast.

When Kimmy inquires as to how Fernando knows she was on a date with Kirk Cameron, Fernando admits he was at Scudieni's spying on her. When she was with Corey, Fernando was in the painting. When she was with Milton, he was in the suit of armour. When she was with Andrew, he was deep undercover as the second FBI agent. When Kimmy was with Kirk, Fernando was a waiter.


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