Sienna is a character in Fuller House. She is portrayed by Logan Riley Hassel.


Fast Times at Bayview High

Sienna auditions for the Bayview High School dance team. She doesn't believe the rumour that Jackson Fuller is the best kisser in the school and is about to test her theory when Rocki Mahan gets in front of her and kisses Jackson herself.


When Kimmy Gibbler offers tapas to Ramona Gibbler, Sienna, Coco and two other girls, Sienna reminds them they're not doing cabs this week as Ramona eats a tapa. The girls all plan to meet up later at Burt's Burgers but instead go to the movies and ghosting Ramona.

After Sienna posts on Instagram at Burt's Burgers tagging Ramona to be sure she sees it, Kimmy goes to the restaurant to give the girls a good talking to. Kimmy informs the girls that they should be ashamed and Sienna sarcastically agrees with her. Kimmy believing she succeeded, covers the tip and leaves. The girls all laugh at her expense and call Kimmy pathetic. Stephanie reveals herself from behind a menu and calls the girls pathetic. Stephanie informs Coco that Sienna posted on Instagram that she was BAB - basic as baloney. Sienna rolls her eyes. Stephanie lays the truth on Sienna - the other girls don't hang out with her because they like her, but because they're afraid of her. Sienna turned the other girls against Ramona because Sienna was afraid Ramona was getting more popular than her. Sienna denies the allegations, she's not threatened by Ramona because she has everything Ramona does. Stephanie finishes with - except a kind heart.

Sienna and the other girls suddenly beg Ramona to hang out with them but it's not the circle she wants to be in.

The Prom

Not only is Sienna wearing the same dress as Ramona but her prom date is Ramona's ex-boyfriend Bobby Popko. Sienna commands Bobby to stand up straight. Sienna ditches Bobby.


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