Sudsy the Clown is a character in Fuller House. He is portrayed by Larry Joe Campbell.


President Fuller

Sudsy the Clown is a kids party entertainer. He wears a rainbow wig, size 46 shoes and has a size 46 waist. Sudsy has performed at all 28 of Jimmy Gibbler's birthday parties and is booked for his 29th. He comes from a long line of blackout drunks, Sudsy is Mr. Gibbler's (Kimmy and Jimmy's father) sponsor. He has a baboon heart.

Stephanie's new kids party entertainer character "Aunt Steph" is a hit with the kids but not with competitor Sudsy the Clown, who sprays her with water. When Sudsy explains that the kids party circuit is not for the weak, Stephanie responds by snapping his suspenders.

Sudsy sends Stephanie a clown message in the form of a red clown nose. Then he throws three clown pies at her front door and leaves clown shoe prints.  

While Sudsy is preforming a kids birthday party at Mucho Marco's, Stephanie interrupts playing her guitar, she's not giving up without a fight. Stephanie challenges Sudsy to a party battle. Malcolm brings Sudsy his accordion. Stephanie and Sudsy play their instruments until Sudsy's heart can't take the stress any longer and Stephanie wins. Sudsy admits "Aunt Steph" has what it takes to be a kids party entertainer. Before he leaves, Sudsy tosses his wig to Jimmy.  


Images featuring Sudsy the Clown

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