Thomas L. Miller is a executive producer for Fuller House.  


Thomas Miller started his career as assistant to director Billy Wilder. He also previously served as a development executive at Paramount and 20th Century Fox. In 1970, a year after starting the company with Edward K. Milkis, he co-created Nanny and the Professor with the late producer AJ Carothers. Prior to then, he was a writer of The Year of the Horse in 1966, and in 1969 he was in charge of development for The Immortal and did the same job in the 1970s for Weekend of Terror and Assault on the Wayne. He later wrote episodes for Nanny and the Professor and Me and the Chimp and co-created that show with Garry Marshall. Miller co-produced the feature films Silver Streak (1976) and Foul Play (1978) with Edward Milkis.

Thomas L. Miller is co-founder of Miller-Milkis-Boyett Productions, along with Robert L. Boyett and Edward K. Milkis. 


Selected Credits 

  • Petrocelli (TV Series) 
  • Happy Days (TV Series)
  • Laverne & Shirley (TV Series)
  • Angie (TV Series)
  • Goodtime Girls (TV Series)
  • Bosom Buddies (TV Series) 
  • Joanie Loves Chachi (TV Series)
  • Valerie (TV Series)
  • Perfect Strangers (TV Series)
  • Full House (TV Series)
  • Going Places (TV Series)
  • Family Matters (TV Series)
  • Step by Step (TV Series) 
  • The Family Man (TV Series)
  • Getting By (TV Series)
  • On Our Own (TV Series)
  • Meego (TV Series)
  • Two of a Kind (TV Series)


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