Val Chmerkovskiy appears as himself in Fuller House.  


Val Chmerkovskiy is a professional dancer and is known for his appearances on Dancing With The Stars. He is also a choreographer for the episode of Fuller House he appears in.


Funner House

Val encounters D.J.Stephanie and Kimmy at Euphoria with his brother Maksim Chmerkovskiy. He dances with Stephanie. He and his brother participate in the dance competition together.

Moms' Night Out

Stephanie wants to call it a night but as D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, and Gia are leaving, Maksim and Val enter. They are very pleased to see their favourite dancing partners. It's sisters and brothers and whoever you are, meaning Kimmy.

When Stephanie tells Maksim and Val that dancing is now illegal, D.J. takes a stand. After getting everyone's attention in the club, D.J. gives an inspirational speech that ends in her stamping a napkin with her official notary stamp. As soon as she declares dancing legal at Euphoria again the music starts and Fernando arrives. The brothers greet him with "Ew Fernando" because they don't like him. When they discover Kimmy is with Fernando now, Maks and Val like Fernando and invite him to dance. Just not as well as them. The entire club dances to Footloose.



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