Wake Up, San Francisco is a talk show in Fuller House.  


Wake Up, San Francisco is a Channel 8 morning talk show. Danny and Becky were the co-hosts before moving to Los Angeles to work on Wake Up USA.

Secrets, Lies, & Firetrucks

Danny pulls some strings to get Chief Mulrooney on the show, who sings Danny Boy which Danny's assures the cameraman will be cut in editing.

A Sense of Purpose

Becky was hired back after she turned The Gab into a hit, but Danny refused to audition.

Becky and Ron talk with D.J. Tanner-Fuller, Digby the dog and Matt Harmon about pet adoption. During the show D.J. promotes her business, telling the viewers that her pet clinic will be donating Digby the dogs first year of vaccinations so he can stay happy and healthy. Matt promotes not only his new business but himself while exacting revenge on D.J. for breaking up with him.

When Danny visits the set he tells Megan that he was wrong for refusing to audition. Becky begs Megan for personal changes. It's obvious that Ron and Becky have no chemistry. After returning from a commercial break, Becky talks about an upcoming segment on sexual harassment in the workplace. Which is when Ron grabs Becky's behind and before Becky can finish her next sentence the station goes into technical difficulties. When they return Ron is gone and Danny is sitting with Becky who is thrilled to have him back.

President Fuller

When Danny tells Karyn that he and Becky are not happy and want to do stories a little more serious, Karyn agrees. Karyn already has a piece lined up about preventive health care where either Danny or Becky will be getting a colonoscopy on live television. Becky is quick to respond "not it", so Karyn hands Danny the bottle of colon cleanser that he has to drink before the procedure the next day.

The next day Danny is on a hospital bed in the studio wearing a gown ready for his procedure. Becky explains to the audience that Danny has been given a topical anaesthetic so he will feel zero pain. Suddenly through her earpiece, Becky must interrupt the public service for a developing situation. They will have to do the colonoscopy again another time because there's a raccoon loose at City Hall.

Perfect Sons

Max appears on the Kiddie Corner segment



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