War of the Roses is episode 9 of season 1 of Fuller House.  


After 1,000 roses show up without a card, D.J., Kimmy, and Stephanie must figure out which one of them has a secret admirer. Cosmo begins to hoard items from the house, including the note that was delivered with the flowers.



  • Becky says "After 28 years of marriage the only mystery is who's gonna unload the dishwasher." Jessie and Becky were married in February, 1991 in The Wedding: Part 2 so she has actually only been married 25 years. Strange she would get that wrong.
    • In Love is in the Air, Kimmy gets it right when she says she has planned the perfect weekend "... to celebrate 25 years of marriage."


  • When D.J., Stephanie & Kimmy are drinking wine we can read on the word Bure on the label. The Bure Family Wines from which this bottle is from is a real winery owned in part by Candace Cameron-Bure.
  • Archive footage from Middle Age Crazy was used.


  • Bridal Chorus


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