Wedding or Not Here we Come is episode 9 of season 3 of Fuller House.  


The gang is heading to Japan for Steve's wedding.

Stephanie is planning on picking a random sperm donor… until Kimmy tells Jimmy this, and he decides he wants to be the baby-daddy. Stephanie didn’t want to ask him because she thought it would be too soon for him. Jimmy is so ready that he buys a one-way ticket to Japan just so he can see her on the plane in the few minutes before it takes off and tell her all this. By the end of his air plane visit, they’ve decided they’re going to try to have a baby together.

Things are less certain for D.J., who is still caught between Steve and Matt, even if she doesn’t want to admit it. Kimmy tries to make her take a Buzz Feed quiz in an attempt to figure out if Matt is truly The One, and what they find is he doesn’t check all the boxes.

Ramona breaks up with Bobby and then cry's in her mother’s arms.

On the plane, Matt sits next to Stephanie and reveals that he’s planning to propose to D.J. in Japan. Stephanie is psyched, but over in a different row…D.J. has her eye mask on and thinks she’s sitting next to Kimmy. But while she has her noise-cancelling headphones on over her ears, Kimmy and Steve switch places. That’s when D.J. confesses she’s upset about this wedding, that she wishes she had told Steve she was planning to choose him. Steve sits there, stunned.



  • Max acquires the exact same suit as Fernando without leaving the house


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